There are a few things we just aren't ready to wrap our brains around or things we will always struggle to understand.  There are things in my life which I don't understand....I'm terrible at understanding foreign really, really bad.  So bad it almost kept me from graduating college.  

There are some of us who have given up reading our Bibles because we don't understand it.  It doesn't come easy to us so we quit.

At this point in my life, I find it easy to grasp Scripture. Some of you ask how I can write something every morning....and I'm almost ashamed to admit how easy this is for me.  But it wasn't always like that!  My Bible is filled with notes, questions and thoughts.  I have hundreds of books on my shelves and over 20 years of daily reading of my Bible.  I've use countless devotions and spent thousands of hours studying the Word. I've had to work at it.

John 20:9 says "They still did not understand from Scripture that Jesus had to rise from the dead."  Who didn't understand?  The Apostles!  The very men Jesus had chosen to walk with him daily for the last three years of his life on earth...the very same men who just in the past couple of days he had clearly told them exactly what was going to happen....the very men who later would take the Gospel to the very ends of the earth and continue the work Jesus had started. this moment...the most pivotal moment in all of human history...they didn't understand!

Listen....we are not born with the ability to eat steak...and we are not reborn with the ability to understand everything in the Bible.  But we start drinking milk...we start eating baby food....we eat some cereal...and before we know it we are eating steak.   No matter where we are on our walk with Jesus there is always room for learning more....there's always something in the Word for us to grasp or to put to work in our lives.

Commit to the challenge!

In His love, Tom