We are not meant to go through life isolated.  Grow closer to God as you walk through life together with brothers and sisters in Christ by joining a small group today!

Small Groups & Topics

Lee & Brianna Thomas, Zechariah, Meets at KCC bi-weekly

Dave & Richelle Morris, Hebrews, Meets in home weekly

Wade & Cindy Stowers, Prayer, Meets in home bi-weekly

Rich & Kim Phillips, Israel/Footsteps of Jesus, Meets in home bi-weekly

Dennis & Linda Fausset, Reopening Christianity, Meets in home bi-weekly

Tom & Kat Holton, Various, Meets at KCC bi-weekly

Women's Bible Study, 12 Extraordinary Women, Meets at KCC weekly

F3 Exercise Group, Exercise and Devotion, Meets at KCC weekly

IF Table Group, Structured Study Plan, Meets at homes