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This first priority sets the tone and comes before the other three. It is from a growing, connected relationship with God that He grows within us a heart for worship. That desire to worship Him is the result of God pouring in so much that we “overflow” with praise, and that overflow spreads to other people which draws them closer to God.

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Worship Priority #1
“Proverbs 4:23” • “1 Timothy 1:5”

This priority works hand in hand with the first one. As children of God and as leaders of the church we should be meeting and growing with God and being filled daily by Him. Prayer, reading scripture, and growing with and being held accountable to other believers is where  the example of an authentic life of worship starts.

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Worship Priority #2
"1st John 1:9" • "Proverbs 27:17"

This priority applies to us in all aspects of our lives. Just as Paul said, our growth in anything should be held to the example that Christ set for us while He was on this earth. Growing spiritually helps us refine the examples we set every week when we serve.

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Worship Priority #3
"1st Cor. 11:1" • "Hebrews 5:12-14"

This priority is a chance for us to put our faith, heart, and growth that God has given us into action. As we serve, we need to trust that God will equip and guide us, as well as give us joy for the work we put in. When we live the example of serving that Jesus modeled for us, we have a chance to store up treasures in heaven with eternal value.

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Worship Priority #4
"Matthew 6:19-20" • "Mark 10:45"

This team is responsible for the musical and spiritual side of the weekend services team. They have a priority to connect with the heart of God and be examples of that to the church both on and off the platform.

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This team is responsible for the creative and technical side of the weekend services team. They diligently support the worship teams and pastors in the goal of helping people connect with the Lord during services.


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